Lets get personal...

My name is Sami and I Do love weddings, romance, happiness, design, all special occasions, and, well, love!

"What is PS Illustrations?" you may ask. Picture it (cue Sophia from Golden Girls): You're planning your wedding day, easily one of the most special days of your life, and you want to incorporate personalized touches that will make your day different than everyone else's special day. Same for this girl! I wanted something uniquely me at my wedding.

Art and design have always been a huge passion of mine, and I wanted to incorporate these skills with my big day. It all began with a search for wedding programs. Having been to my fair share of weddings, I realized that most wedding programs look exactly the same. But, I also realized that I could use my creativity and graphic design skills to incorporate my own family and friends into our programs. The first test was illustrating a picture of my sister, my Matron of Honor. As soon as I showed it to her, her expression said it all, and Personally Sami Illustrations was in service!

The end result was fully illustrated wedding programs, creative copy, and something that was truly one of a kind! My next thought of course: Why stop at wedding programs? We can illustrate not only programs but ask cards, thank you notes, snap chat filters, hospitality bag labels and really anything you can think of to make your wedding day uniquely yours! You can also choose to purchase just the digital design to print yourself (see our Digital section), or the fully illustrated and printed products, in their final form and ready to distribute to guests (see our Prints section). We can illustrate people, places, pets, and more.

And so begins my special brand - now, let's get personal(ly illustrated)!

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